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8 December 2012
A Town Which Died at the Age of 16

Names of the cities aren't born accidentally. Historians, rummaging in old manuscripts, do
not always get to the bottom of primitive sense of names. It is usually more simply with the
cities which have been born recently. The city of Pripyat received the lyrical name on April 14,
1972 and was put in 1970. The city was called after an ancient name of the river near which it
was born. It was treated as immemorial aspiration of a man to closeness with the nature, with its
high and pure beauty. In seven years six kindergartens on 2100 places, schools on 2348 student
places, a policlinic for 600 visitors, a hospital on 250 beds were built.
In 11 years of a city building 377318 sq.m of the useful area, 2420 places in kindergartens,
schools on 4052 places, 12 shops, a restaurant, a palace of culture on 800 places, a hotel, a
swimming pool, the first stage of a sporting complex, a technical training college for 850 pupils,
a music school with a concert hall, a movie theater on 420 places, two combines of consumer
services, a dry-cleaner laundry, a bath-sauna and a city communication center were constructed.
Today we know that life of this city broke suddenly, it was only sixteen years old.