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Can you visit chernobyl
30 March 2016
Can you visit Chernobyl?

Can you visit Сhernobyl?

Chernobyl holidays are available today to anyone to see this terrible dead city and to visit trips to Chernobyl, to see the CNPP and a sarcophagus from an observation deck at distance of 10 km from the accident site. However many of us are stopped by that health hazard to which we subject the organism as a result of radiation. Is it so dangerous and how safe is it to stay while visiting Chernobyl?

There are several facts which you need to know visiting Chernobyl:

  • Radiation level which you receive while being in a zone of the CNPP is equal to the level which you would undergo during a flight by jet plane. And what is very important to know is that this radiation level is much lower than the one we receive on annual professional survey in a X-ray an office;
  • Trips to Chernobyl are possible only if you have  a passport and a special permission, otherwise you will be refused to enter the zone;
  • At any time you can refuse Chernobyl visit, however in this case the sum granted to organizers as an advance payment won't come back.

April 26, 1986 is remembered to all Soviet citizens as the day of the terrible accident for mankind. Chernobyl what happened on that day? An explosion in the reactor of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant not only caused enormous damage to environment for many years, but also has carried away thousands of lives and has destroyed lives of millions of people. Today on April 26 it is accepted to pay a tribute to the memory of all those who worked in a zone of the CNPP right after the explosion and prevented terrible consequences of the accident.

Today Chernoby lis not only a monument to unsuccessful result of work of the mankind, but also a terrible unforgettable part of our history which will be remembered for a long time by the whole world.

Chernobyl visit: Modern ruins

Danger has always attracted people. It is always interesting for us to visit those places which constitute a certain danger to people around, it also concerns Chernobyl visit. Today, after a quarter of century, the radiation background of this dead zone has begun to be restored and one-day Chernobyl visit to the dead city doesn't constitute a huge хanger any more. The people who left their houses in 1986 are slowly coming back to look how uncontrolled atomic energy has changed their habitual living conditions. 

Our travel agency suggests everyone to comprehend a secret of the dead city of Pripyat, having visited its main "sights". This unusual adventure will allow you to change habitual outlooks on life, will help to reconsider the principles and beliefs, and also will give an opportunity to touch the history of nuclear power for some time.

  • Today the radiation level in an exclusion zone doesn't exceed admissible norm therefore trips to Chernobyl won't put serious damage to your health;
  • Those who are under 18 years won't get the permission to get on Chernobyl visit and Pripyat tour;
  • Visiting Chernobyl and Pripjat tour is possible only in the presence of the passport proving the identity of the tourist.

Chernobylis our memory, our grief and our pain. In addition, it is that part of history which will eternally remind us and our descendants about human offenses.