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9 December 2012
Explicitly about the town of Pripyat

The town Pripyat is located in Kiev region in Ukraine on the river bank Pripyat.
The official date of the base and construction actual start date is February 4, 1970.
The status of the town Pripyat acquired in 1979 by the resolution of the Supreme Council of the
Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic behind number 1264/686.
Construction and the subsequent maintenance of one of the largest in Europe Chernobyl
nuclear power plant, which was the city-forming enterprise, became a general occasion of the
base of the city which gave to Pripyat an honorary title of the town of nuclear scientists. Thus,
Pripyat became the ninth in the Soviet Union atom town.
Population (for November, 1985) – 47 thousand 500 people, more than 25 nationalities.
Annual increase in population – more than 1500 people, among which about 800 – newborns
and about 500-600 people – arrived on a constant residence from different corners of the Soviet
From the moment of the construction Pripyat automatically became the large transport site.
Moreover, station Yanov became the powerful railway junction. Year 1982 became peak for
bus station of Pripyat. On May 21 that year the bus station accepted and sent 52 buses in 14
directions. Except ordinary passengers to Pripyat, as the sample Soviet town came numerous
tourists and different evaluation commissions.
Pripyat – the city with pronounced center. By tradition in the downtown there were office
buildings (city council), objects of leisure, culture and rest (movie theater "Prometheus",
Energetic palace of culture), the department food and manufactured goods stores and a hotel
The so-called principle of "triangular" building developed by group of the Moscow architects
under the direction of Nikolay Ostozhenko became the main town-planning idea of Pripyat.
Afterwards after the preliminary statement the Kiev architects made their own changes to the
building project and this compiled option was finally coordinated. At that time such form of
building was unique.
For the principle of "triangular" building the successful compound of houses of standard
number of storeys and houses of the raised number of storeys is characteristic. Distinctive feature
of such construction is the visual scope and the free spaces between buildings. Unlike the old
cities with tight small streets and the dense building, Pripyat, as well as other same cities, was
projected with the unique purpose – convenience of living.
Surprising and little-known fact: in the late sixties of the XX century architects and designers
created diagrams of city building according to Leonid Brezhnev's personal references. One of its
councils concerned traffic jams which by the beginning of the 70th years became a scourge of
each large European and American city. By means of equiangular layout of town trunks the town
of Pripyat had to become the town in which appearance of traffic jams was simply impossible.