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22 July 2014
Extra Places to be Visited in Kyiv

We would like to inform you about some places connected with Chernobyl we recommend you to see while being in Kyiv.

- Monument to Victims of Chernobyl accident, address: Chernobylska St. and Pobedy Avenue crossing.

- "Memory circle" and "Kurgan Grave", address: Nagornaya St., 6.

- Memorable sign "park of Memory of Victims of Chernobyl accident", address: intersection of streets of Nikolaev and Balzac.

The park of memory of victims of Chernobyl accident is young and it is visible even on thin trees. There is a plaque monument, Promitey - killing an eagle and the "peaceful atom" at the foot of the monument

From the territory of shopping center
it is separated by a wall which became at the same time the basis for plates with images of towns and villages which don't exist any more.

It is easy to get to these places so enjoy your trip!