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11 December 2012
Fact File

Large-scale pollution of the territory round the destroyed reactor demanded from the state to
carry out an urgent evacuation of the civilian population, with its subsequent resettlement on the
clean territories.

The decision on evacuation and resettlement of the population was accepted by the state
commission of the former USSR in 37 hours after corrupting of a nuclear reactor on the
Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station. According to the official data, evacuation of the population
lasted from April 27 to August 16, 1986.

The evacuation of the population from the town of Pripyat and the railway station Yanov was
organized extremely quickly. About 50 thousand people were moved from these places. The
population of Pripyat was notified on evacuation by radio at 12 o'clock on April 27 and in 2
hours the evacuation was begun. In two and a half hours after the beginning of evacuation
Pripyat was left by the civilian population.