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10 December 2012
Pripyat: the life of a town after evacuation

Today a lot of people are interested in history of the city of Pripyat and other settlements after it
became an exclusion zone.

What happened in the town of Pripyat after evacuation?

The answer can be found in different books and brochures which were published in the first
years after the accident, at the time of the USSR. In these books we can find confirmation of the
use of the town of Pripyat for placement of liquidators and staff of an exclusion zone in the left

Chernobyl, which is located in 18 kilometers from the atomic station, underwent smaller
radiation pollution than some other settlements. In 1986 appropriate decontamination operations
were carried out. It allowed to place certain contingents of builders, assemblers and other
participants of elimination of consequences of accident who worked in a 30-kilometer zone on a
shift table in the town for a temporary residence.

It was decided to use this town only for living of professional experts.
Only separate houses in one of the residential districts, which had less radioactive pollution,
were used during the accident in the town of Pripyat. Necessary conditions for temporary
residence of rotational staff were created there after carrying out of deactivation