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can you go to chernobyl
30 March 2016
Сan you go to Сhernobyl?

Сan you go to Сhernobyl?

Dear visitors of our website and everybody who is interested in trips to Chernobyl. It is still possible to go there and even not for one day, but considering strict requirements of department on management of an exclusion zone, we strongly recommend our tourists to prepare for a Prypjat tour and Tschernobyl tour in advance, it means to write or to call us even if you would like to go within several months. From our side we will try to provide our service on a high level.

Tschernobyl tour starts from Kiev. The distance from Kiev to Chernobyl is about 140 km.

Meeting with the guide in a thirty-kilometer zone at the check point “Dytyatky”. Checking the documents, transport and things. We recommend everybody to check if you have the passport with you because the control is really very strict.

Short course of training on behavior in the radiation-hazardous district, on application of means of protection.

Photo stop at the monument "To people who have saved the world" – to brave firemen of Chernobyl.

You obtain the fullest and available information on works on mitigation of consequences of accident in a thirty-kilometer zone, the most dangerous places, equipment cemeteries. Also there will be interesting forecasts of experts for the future.

Trip to a ten-kilometer zone through the check-point "Leliv". You will be struck by the accurate earth shaft on roadsides covered with plates with a red shamrock in a yellow triangle. These shafts are places of burials of radioactive waste and even the whole villages.

Photo stop near the 4th reactor. Now  a new shelter is being constructed there. That’s what "Magazine: Life in Chernobyl" writes about this construction. We quote experts: "It is known that under a sarcophagus there are still about 190 tons of fuel and radioactive dust which can escape in the atmosphere in case of a collapse. One more risk factor is connected with the water collecting in the reactor which can filter into the soil and then infect the rivers. "There is no data which could cause concern", - Novak emphasizes. Threat which isn't inevitable any more, nevertheless, completely isn't eliminated yet. For this reason the world community has made the decision on joint financing of this project which is estimated almost at one billion dollars. Only two years are left on the drawing of the project. 

Tschernobyl tour

But already it is possible to observe the first notable results. The design of an old sarcophagus has found stability, and somewhere in 300 meters from it the island of a new dome towers. Engineers of the French consortium Novarka which is engaged in implementation of the project with pride show a huge steel structure which towers already on 22 meters over the earth. In the same article it is told about workers in Chernobyl. The quote from the article says: "Those who are responsible for maintenance of the NPP, forest wardens and nuclear physicists also live in Chernobyl. Igor Chizhevsky works in laboratory on measurement of radioactivity of waste of the NPP. He says that he thanks to his professional knowledge he feels safe: "I perfectly know what is possible and what can't be done. The main thing is not to get to strongly infected zones and to eat healthy food, excluding from a diet all products which can contain radiation, such as mushrooms or red fruits. Sometimes it is possible to drink some vodka". Money plays a considerable role too. Igor receives about 400 euros a month, which is twice more, than he would earn on "continent", it is how all otherterritoryofUkraineis called here." Further according to the program of Chernobyl tour and Pripyat tour we will show you the remains of the well-known "red wood", part of which was left for scientific researches.

Extreme! Pripyat tours - the "ghost town" protected with a barbed wire. You will see the houses left in 1986, where you can find objects from every day life of that time. Unfortunately, now the entrance to buildings in the city of Pripyatis forbidden by the authorities. They motivate it with the fact that a lot of time has passed and from constantly changing temperature the houses are collapsing, and in some of them trees are growing even inside. In this regard nobody will take the responsibility for safety of your life. Besides in a couple of years Pripyat will be blown up and dug. So if you want to see this object, then you have a little time for thoughts. This city was forever left within a day by 50 thousand people. Around the spirit of Soviet period reigns: you will be able to photograph the coat of arms ofUSSR, a sign "Peace.Work.May", red-yellow phone boxes and other objects symbolizing the 80th in theUSSR. You will also visit the amusement park with a big wheel which had been planned to open by a holiday onMay 1, 1986, and which had never seen any visitors. Pripjat is similar to a mummy which has a body but there is no soul.

Environmentally friendly lunch, products which are checked by the dosimeter beforehand.

Chernobylvisit: park of Glory, a Second World War memorial, a memory board to the died liquidators, samples of the equipment which was taking part in recovery from the accident.

Whenever possible you will have a chance to interview residents of the left villages, who are called "samosel".

Radiation control when you leave the zone.