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10 December 2012
Some useful vocabulary (part I)



Release and spreading of energy by means of electromagnetic waves or particles (equal
to ionizing radiation).



Radioactive decay product of uranium, frequently detected in uranium ore. It has
several radioactive isotopes. Radium-226 generates Radon-222 at decay.



Spontaneous decay of unstable atomic nucleus, at which radiation is emitting.


Radioactive decay

Self-existing transformation of nucleus, at which particles or gamma-radiation is
emitting, or x-radiation is releasing after atomic electron capture, or self-existing
nucleus fission is occurring.


Radioactive waste

Radioactive materials generated by a number of industrial sectors using radioisotopes,
e.g. by nuclear industry, medical sector and other industrial sectors, which are not
allowed to use so far and which require appropriate storage and disposal.


Waste classification

Special categories established for radioactive waste to ensure that generated waste
are treated and managed by the most appropriate manner ensuring public and
environmental protection.


Nuclear waste

Radioactive materials generated at different stages of nuclear-fuel cycle, including
exploitation, enrichment, production of fuel, reactor operation, fuel processing and
reactor decommissioning, which could not be subsequently used as deemed.


Nuclear reactor

Device, in which chain reaction of nuclear fission is taking place under controlled
conditions so that heat generation or neutron beams could be used.