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15 December 2012
The works on release of Power Units from nuclear fuel were resumed at ChNPP

On December 17, 2012, the activities on release of ChNPP Unit No.1 from conditioned spent
nuclear fuel (SNF) were resumed. 1,325 spent fuel assemblies are to be transported to ISF-1 and
about 1,250 “short” fuel canisters are to be manufactured for SNF storage at ISF-1 by November
30, 2013.

By analogy with the works performed on the release of Power Unit No.2 from SNF, the activities
at Power Unit No.1 will be performed according to “Measures providing the process of release
of Chernobyl NPP Units No.1,2 from nuclear fuel”, brought into force by Order No.51 dated
January 26, 2012, and meeting the conditions of a specific authorization of the State Nuclear
Safety Inspectorate at ChNPP (Series OD No.000040/1-21).