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30 Years after Disaster

June 26, 2016, is a remarkable date - a dark “anniversary” of the biggest nuclear plant catastrophe humanity had witnessed. 30 years ago an explosion of the Unit 4 reactor of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant led to the outburst of highly dangerous radioactive fuel. Severe contamination of the nearby territories together with radionuclides endangering European countries put the accident to the level 7 - maximum grade on the International Nuclear Event Scale. 30 km area around the plant which consisted of more than 80 populated localities was ‘cleaned up’ of all inhabitants within 6 months after the tragedy and will remain unsettled for centuries to be.

But once the radiation level decreased to the permissible levels tourists bum-rushed the site. More than 40,000 people from all over the world visited Chernobyl and Pripyat ghost town in 2016 and local guides expect that amount to double in 2017.

Who are all those tourists?

There are scientists who are interested in the exploration of the wildlife in the area and want to examine the affect radiation caused to it. As we know today there are more than 54 endangered species from IUCN Red List living in the Zone. Some of the wild animals like bear and lynx haven’t been seen here for centuries.


The atomic city of Pripyat is the most famous site for stalkers – post apocalyptic view of the biggest abandoned city, dead blocks of buildings and a grim atmosphere is all they need.

There are visitors who are entering the Zone on a dare or just of idle curiosity together with those who played “Call of Duty” and “STALKER” games and wanted to see everything on their own. Also, quite a number of tourists are people who were influenced by the tragedy in some way – former inhabitants, liquidators and their children come here every year.

As a part of the 30-years-after-Chernobyl-disaster dedication, a group of participants of "Miss Ukraine Universe-2016"took a tour to Chernobyl Zone to attract world society’s attention to the problems of ecology and nuclear disaster consequences.


The most vivid impression girls got from one of the murals –picturing the well-known photo of a liquidator taken on the night of the Chernobyl Accident. Famous Austrian street artist Guido van Helten was invited to write it on the threshold of 30 years “anniversary”.


The NPP platform reminds of a big project site. The building The New Safe Confinement is on its final stage of construction and is expected to be finally accomplished till the end of 2017.