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Abandoned land is graffiti heaven

Despite the tense situation on the eastern board of Ukraine thousands of photographers,tourists and urban decay enthusiasts are still visiting this beautiful and every year. Among the most popular places, there is one unique in many different ways - Chernobyl Alienation Zone, which is situated 100 km from the capital of Ukraine and is a place of the most powerful and terrifying nuclear tragedy in human history.


Of course, the biggest part of tourists are attracted by an opportunity to see the nuclear plant and to check surroundings with the Geiger-Muller dosimeter but way more is there that Trips of Pripyat have to offer. Unexpectedly abandoned buildings of Pripyat and Chernobyl became popular for street writers and urban painters to leave their message and express their feeling about the place.


The graffiti pictures invaded worn-out walls and windows in the city of Pripyat as the most visited place in the Zone. You can find big murals as well as little single paintings that differ in color technique and style.


The city of Chernobyl has its places with wall art too. Last year Portuguese street artist Antonio Correia better known as Pantonio was asked to create a symbolic and informative painting. As he later said it was a dream, an honor but also a challenge to work in such location because his art piece is connected to the tragedy that changed lives in the countries of Europe and influenced following generations. The main idea of this mural is rebirth and hope that is supposed to redirect tourist's attitude towards the situation in the Zone from gloomy to more heartening.


There is also a nice beat of more atmospherically designed paintings which reflects the eerie mood of the place. Screaming faces of children women and man are most touching among them.


One of the peculiarities of those is in their location in the upper floors – looking at them you could also see the power plant and destroyed reactor number 4 on the background.


Fresh and blazing are art tributes to the renovation of an ecosystem in the area. Couple years ago camera traps showed the European Brown Bear in the area that hasn't been seen here for the last century. Thousands of deer and elk motivated artists to reflect the beauty of nature renovation on the aged walls.


The first to appear and the most popular graffiti paintings are dark shadows of Pripyat. The shadow of a little girl trying to press an elevator button or a little boy who forgot about his toy and is looking in the direction of reactor outburst. It's like you are trapped with them in the moment of the breakdown – still innocent and to be carried over,leaving happy childhood, carefree laughs behind, in the city where time had stopped.


Last year a group of participants of “Miss Ukraine Universe 2016” competition entered the Exclusion Zone in order to support the initiative of the charity fund and to bring the human-made disaster into the public eye. They were also deeply touched by the impressively realistic mural on the walls of huge incomplete reactor number 5. Famous Australian artist GuidovanHeltendedicated his work to the 30 years anniversary of Chernobyl disaster. The picture of a man is one of the most famous photos of first liquidators which was taken by Igor Kostin famous Ukrainian photographer. He was there at the night of the explosion and made most photo and video documentary getting dangerously high doses of irradiation. Artist succeeded to pass on the pain of tragedy on the tired plant worker’s face, his agony, and silent prey.


Chernobyl is compared to Doel, small Belgian village for the feel of surreal atmosphere on the streets strewn with hundreds of abandoned buildings and graffiti arts and is truly the heaven place for art manifestation.