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“Laws of Honour” for Chernobyl tourists

31 years after the Chernobyl Nuclear Accident had passed but the lands around the plant, strongly contaminated remain uninhabited. Officials say the region will not be used for farming or people resettlement in thousands of years. But as the radiation levels decreased to almost normal level former citizens returned to the villages near the far borders of the Zone and Chernobyl Administration opened the Zone for official tourist visits.


Who can visit?

Due to the fact that there is still a number of radioactive hotspots scattered around the Zone officials set some rules and regulations for those who visit. No children are allowed to enter the area as there is a strict age rule. Only those who are 18 and older can take a tour. It is actually set in the Ukrainian law so if the person is younger he or she should wait till they are 18. People from all countries of our planet can visit.


Surely if one has health issues and is sensitive to increased ionizing irradiation it is better to take a consultation with the doctor first. The visitor can get permission on the official website of Chernobyl Administration or more easily booking a tour with a Chernobyl or Pripyat tours operator. The procedure of making permission may take a week or so and it is recommended to plan the trip beforehand. Permissions and passports will be checked twice during the "Radiation tour" on the entrance checkpoint and when tourist will exit the Zone.

Who shall not pass?

People who will try to bring any kind of weapon, alcohol or drugs surely will not get inside.

People intoxicated by drugs or alcohol will not be able to enter the Zone. One cannot drink alcohol or consume drugs during the tour.


In the case of causing any sort of damage to the remains and objects, making drawings and signs, the offender will be convoyed from the Alienation Zone. The person will be registered in the black list of vandals and sent out of the area. Those who will try to take any object out of the Zone will be punished according to the Article 267-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Cultural Aspects of Visiting

Everyone who is about to enter the 30 km Alienation Zone should probably be reminded that the area represents the memorial of the biggest anthropological catastrophe on Earth which caused suffering and deaths to children and adult population in many countries. That is why unspoken rule on the territory of Chernobyl most famous places or near the monuments is to be respectful and not take photos or videos with the cell phone all the way. It is better to ask your guide if it will be ok and wait for every person in your group go further. Tourists are coming here with different purposes and are expected to be nice and respectful of each other interests. Besides, there are often visitors who lived there before or were cleaning the plant and territories off radioactive waste as liquidators. We should remember that the site was left by its inhabitants in hurry and horror and behave accordingly to Zone's tragic history.

As for the mundane rules – everything guests take with them to the Zone is taken out with them too, no traces of visit should be left, no plastic bottles, bags or any other trash. Let's leave the place frozen in 1986 without any 21-century things brought to the site.


Safe clothes and routes

Tourists have to follow routes showed and agreed with the guide. Don't enter the buildings without permission as they are in bad condition. Clothes and boots should cover most parts of the body. No open toe shoes, t-shirts, skirts, and shorts are allowed.

All of the precautions and rules are set to provide safety and comfort for the visitors. Although there are radiation checkpoints following the rules will be twice as safe as it can be.