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Nuclear tourism. Top record levels

No matter what type of a traveler you are today’s Internet technologies can afford amazing innovations and possibilities to fulfill every single demand of a tourist research. You can find exact locations, up-to-date photos, non-biased video reviews and a great number of rare information you’ve never heard of. Even tourism has its uncovered ‘dark side’ so to speak.

Dark Tourism is all about sites all over the world which mark "dark chapters of our history” that should never be forgotten. They are war museums, catacombs, memorials, sites of volcanic destruction, etc. One of the most outstanding categories of dark tourism is visiting the so-called nuclear sites like Peace Museum in Hiroshima in Japan or Chernobyl Guided tours to Alienation Zone in Ukraine.


The reason why the last ones are different from the 9/11 Memorial at Ground Zero or the Berlin Wall is in the effect of radioactive contamination once caused to the places. Less briefly both Hiroshima and Nagasaki were largely destroyed by the nuclear fissions. Little Boy with nearly 2 pounds of uranium detonated at a height of 2000 feet above Hiroshima and Nagasaki’s Fat Man with its 14 pounds of plutonium detonated at an approximate height of 1,650 feet above the city.


But today nothing reminds of a ruin American bombs brought there. Cities developed into beautiful modern places where only ‘hibakusha’- elderly people who are atomic bomb victims remember all the hell and horror of the nuclear blasts days.


But in comparison with Japanese cities which were free of dangerous radioactive ionization in a week and were rebuilt and resettled to be modern and flourishing, Chernobyl is carrying different destiny.


The Exclusion Zone in Ukraine is a tourist site where one can still get in touch with an ominous shadow of the nuclear catastrophe. Visitors walk with the Geiger – Muller dosimeters, and its fast clicking sound is showing the places which are still not safe as the level of ionization is high enough to make damage to the human body. Those are the sites of The Red Forest, Radioactive vehicle graveyard "Rassokha", the reactor 4 unit itself, clothes of first liquidators and firemen who got lethal doses after the explosion, metal constructions, trees and vegetation.


But fortunately there are only a few points in the Ghost City of Pripyat and around the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant which possesses radio hazard and of course, tourists are not allowed there. Furthermore, the radiation level in the Zone is the same as in any other city in the world and the touristic routes were cleaned from dangerous particles long ago. That’s why the number of tourists increases each year as more and more people are getting eager to get surreal and eye-opening experience Chernobyl Exclusion Zone can give. As there is no other place on Earth where you can walk through the streets of the once beautiful new cities which now are retaken by greenery and forests, where you would be able to feel the Soviet spirit that remains in every decaying building, visit the Nuclear Power Plant it’s definitely worth of change in typical and sometimes beaten tourist tracks. It is obvious that nuclear tourism is not about sunbathing, clubs and general escapism it involves you into history and culture of other nation, it offers intriguing experience and makes you open your eyes and mind to the wide range of emotions. So make a change, try Chernobyl Guided Tours to fulfill yourself with truly one-of-a-kind journey.