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Chernobyl tour takes the whole day:

Meeting time –at 8:30am. Meeting place – the Monument of Grigory Skovoroda, which is situated near Kiev-Mogilyanska Academy on the Kontraktova Ploscha (map)

We will meet you at the departure point, check your passports and dress code.

Departure time - at 9:00 am. Drive to Chernobyl with passing "Dytyatky" (it is check point on the border of the 30-km "Zone of Estrangement").

Arrival to Chernobyl. Meeting with the leadership of Chernobyl.

On the way to Power Plant we pass 10-km border and check point.

Make a stop at the cooling channel to feed the fish (if it's warm enough)

Sightseeing of Reactor # 4 (from 300 m. distance).

Stop near the "Red forest".

       Visit to Pripyat. Sightseeing of "Dead town" (hotel, hospital, kinder garden, school, ferris wheel, swimming pool, etc).

Return to Chernobyl for Lunch.

Visiting the village Paryshiv , meeting with "resettlers",  the people who have moved back to their villages after evacuation (for the private tour).

Passage through Control Point "Dytyatky". Measuring of radiation.

Return to Kiev at around 6 p.m.