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Chernobyl tours

Have you ever thought about visiting Chernobyl?

Our curiosity is so great that every year a number of people wishing to visit and see

everything on their own eyes and to feel this atmosphere increases several times in comparison

with the previous years. 


  • Our company offers absolutely legal and safe Chernobyl tour.
  • We will show you the mysterious city of Pripyat, Chernobyl.
  • You will have an opportunity to visit the Nuclear Power Plant.
  • During our Chernobyl tour we will tell you what occurred for the last twenty sixyears in the most unsafe territory of the world.

Offering such tours to Chernobyl, we hide nothing and we are absolutely honest with those who trust us.

Chernobyl offer of visit can call the mass of doubts and fears among the most experienced tourists. It is worth noticing that at present at the territory of Chernobyl, including a legendary city of Pripyat, the radiation level is the same as the radiation level in Kiev. Of course there are also such places where the radiation level simply reads off scale and we shouldn't hide that there were cases of finds of deadly radio particles. That is why after each tour to Pripyat, everyone who was on the territory has to pass a check on the radiological control.

Tours to Chernobyl give us the chance to dive into the world which forever remains for us a riddle.

Chernobyl tours will completely help to plunge into the time of the Soviet Union. It isundoubted that a visit to this place will leave a long memorable trace on you.

Chernobyl attracted a lot of film directors, on its lands many movies and plots were filmed. Even nowadays mass media writes about the destiny of this mysterious lost city.

Our company, inviting you on such Chernobyl visit, doesn't claim if it is good there or bad.

We can only give you the guarantee that gave us the Ministry of Health, a guarantee thateverything will be all right with you after your tour to Chernobyl.

The only thing we will definitely tell you is that this city sets thinking everyone.

Exclusive offer-Chernobyl-2 is opened for visiting.


Chernobyl group tour - $100 per person. The price depends on number of people.

To order your tour simply follow this link: Order Chernobyl tours