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24 October 2017
The Busted Myth of Dangerous Atomic Energy
Professor Arutyunyan further continues to point out that the catastrophe is a direct consequence of irresponsibility shown by the personnel of the nuclear power plant. People wanted to do everything faster and ignored some of critical requirements for internal tests. The machinery worked fine, we controlled all of reactions, until several lazy employees decided to end their shift earlier and wanted to ignore security measures that were...
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5 October 2017
Can We Control Atomic Energy?
One of the core discussion points raised by the catastrophe was the problem of controlling the atom. Can we rely on nuclear power and protect ourselves from future incidents like this one? Another Chernobyl could easily deliver so much harm to the environment that some changes would be irreversible.
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30 September 2017
The Question of Security: Terrorism and Nuclear Plants
The whole Europe is burning and suffers from terrorist strikes here and there with millions of people mourning with those affected by these tragic incidents all over the world. We need to address the issue of safety and protection seeing how the unseen enemy can be at the gate any moment now. Our nuclear plants are obviously the number one priority for some of terrorist cells.
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14 September 2017
A Terrifying Hacker and an Equally Terrifying Possibilities
When a ransomware virus “Petya” swarmed all over thousands of PCs, no one expected that it would affect even some of the most protected machines in the world. However, a report went through about a data gathering virus hitting computers on the Chernobyl power plant. Some of them were still in the process of decommissioning.
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26 August 2017
31 Years After the Catastrophe: Chernobyl Is Illuminated Again
On April, 26, 1986, there was a catastrophe at the Chernobyl NPP situated in the northern part of Ukraine. It became the cause of the emission of harmful particles into the atmosphere. Besides, millions of people living in Ukraine and neighboring countries were exposed to highly dangerous doses of radiation.
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