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Frequently Asked Questions


Is it dangerous to go to Chernobyl?

No! It is safe, if you follow your guide's instructions. Our tours are absolutely safe and do not cause any radioactive harm to your health. The routes of our company tours apply to the strictest directives of the Ukrainian Ministry of Civil Protection. The Chernobyl exclusion zone is a very highly guarded area and can only be entered with a special permit.

Chernobyl tour - is it safe for your health?

Yes, just  follow all the rules of the tour.

How can I get to Chernobyl?

Contact us: Skype: anna-voron

                  phone: +38 067 60 59 714

       13-D Anna Akhmatova Str., office Travel company "EvroStandart",  Kiev, Ukraine

       Email: [email protected]

Meeting time –at 8:30am. Meeting place – the Monument of Grigory Skovoroda, which is situated near Kiev-Mogilyanska Academyon the Kontraktova Ploscha (map).

We will meet you at the departure point, check your passports and dress code.


How much is the Chernobyl tour?

You can book Chernobyl group tour (you can join to the group).

The price is US $100 per person (transfer from Kiev to Chernobyl and back, English speaking guide and lunch are included).

We offer discounts for students.

Prices for private tours depend on quantity of people going on a tour.

Are adjacent villages and the Pripyat ghost city visited during the tour?

Yes. You will visit Pripyat as well as the Opachychi village.

Is it allowed to take pictures or make videos on tour?

Yes. Pictures and video are allowed, except for the Dytyatky checkpoint.

Can I go inside the buildings on the tour?

It's officially prohibited to go inside the buildings since March 2012, but sometimes guides allow to go inside, but we can't guarantee that.


Is it possible to go by my own car?

Sometimes you can. For more information please contact us. Please remember that all cars get checked for radiation when they leave the zone.

Is Geiger Counter included in the price?

No, it isn't.

Is the tour to Chernobyl zone legal?

Yes, all tours we provide are registered, have all legal permissions and documents.

Can I rent Geiger Counter?

Yes, you can rent it on the day of the tour. But please inform us in advance that  you need it.

Can I buy Geiger Counter?

Yes, you can buy it. But please inform us in advance that you want to buy Geiger Counter.

The following equipment can be rent or bought:

1) Geiger Counter, a devise which is used to show radiation level
2) Special protective suit (recommended, but not necessarily)


Do I have to wear some special safe costumes?

You have to wear clothes that fully cover your body (long-sleeved shirts, jeans, pants. Shorts are not allowed.). Also you have to wear closed shoes.

From what age is it allowed to visit the Chernobyl exclusion zone?
According to Ukrainian law, it is allowed to visit the Chernobyl exclusion zone starting from 18 years of age.

What payment methods do you accept?

What are the dates of a guided tour to Chernobyl?
Information about all the currently planned scheduled tours you can find in the section of Calendar. . Scheduled and private guided tours take place 10-15 times a month.

Where could I have a meal during the tour? 
There are service canteens in Chernobyl, which offer tasty food. All the food is transported from Kyiv. During scheduled tours we have our dinner in the canteen of the ChNPP.

How many people are there in the group?
In scheduled tours there are between 10–30 participants. Upon arrival at travel destination, the group splits onto several small subgroups in order to avoid crowding. In private tours the number of the group is unlimited.