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27 April 2015
A sad Day in the History

Tomorrow "Avenue of Heroes of Chernobyl" will be opened in Kiev


On Sunday, April 26, at 12:00 am to the 29th anniversary of Chornobyl NPP the "Avenue of Heroes of Chernobyl" and rally-requiem "And the dead and alive, and unborn ..." will be opened at the memorial complex "Monument to victims of the Chernobyl tragedy".


The event will take place at the "Monument to victims of the Chernobyl tragedy" on the corner of Avenue.


The Chernobyl disaster - eco-social disaster caused by the explosion and subsequent destruction of the fourth unit of the Chernobyl nuclear power station on the night of 26 April 1986 located in Ukraine (then - Ukrainian SSR). The destruction was explosive, the reactor was completely destroyed and the environment was released large quantities of radioactive substances.