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14 December 2012
Chernobyl: Abandoned Village Chystohalovka

This village is situated 22 km away from Chernobyl and it is about 4 km away from the
Chernobyl NPP. It is necessary to mention that there were deposits of qualitative clay and sand
near Chystohalovka village which were found and used for Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station

Existence of local raw materials for construction of the station played an important role in a
choice of a place of placement the nuclear power plant.

The village has a long history. It was mentioned in documents in the middle of the XIX century.
In the mid-seventies there lived about 1000 inhabitants. The village had an eight-year school.

After the accident the village was in a center of radioactive pollution (the western trace). After
eviction of inhabitants, the village (estates and constructions) was liquidated. It is necessary to
say that the village was under a loop of the fuel form (highly active parts of nuclear fuel of the
destroyed reactor) of radioactive drop-outs.

The population of Chystohalovka village was moved to the village Gavronshchina of
Makarovsky district, Kiev region. Some families were moved to Nikolaev region.