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8 December 2012
Films to watch: Review of the film "Threshold"

Documentary film "Threshold"

The movie "Threshold" was filmed on1988 by director Rollan Sergiyenko. This movie
punched an "iron" curtain of concealment of consequences of Chernobyl catastrophe.
Practically at once after being shown and a premiere in the union of cinematographers of the
USSR "Threshold" was arrested by representatives of the Interdepartmental commission.
On January 5, 1989 specialists of the interested departments at meeting of the secretariat of
SK USSR announced their sentence. It was strictly specified to authors that according to an
established order even before implementation of shootings it was necessary to provide the
scenario to an expert group for inference compilation.
According to the List of data on the Chernobyl accident which is not a subject on
publication in the open printing, radio - and telecasts, it was recommended to delete from the
movie text direct and indirect instructions on values of doses of radiation, any information
on working capacity and a status of the persons which have undergone in time or after
accident to action of radiation, and also convergence about number of the military personnel
participating in elimination of accident.
The inference of a commission of experts concluded not to show the film for more than
half a year. Only as a result of deputy request at spring session of Congress of VS USSR
the "Threshold" got permission for being shown. Permission, however, didn't mean to be
widely shown.