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28 June 2016
Participants of "Miss Ukraine Universe-2016" made a tour to Chernobyl

This year participants of the beauty contest "Miss Ukraine Universe-2016" went on a trip to


All girls admitted that they had never been to the exclusion zone before.

A visit to the object "Chernobyl-2" which is a huge 150-meter antenna radar, became an

important part of their program.

They explored the territory and, of course, did a photo shoot.

Also the contestants posed in the background of the mural written on one of the walls of huge

cooling towers of the 5th unfinished reactor.

This artwork appeared several months ago in honor of the 30th anniversary.

The author of the great wall graffiti is a well-known Australian artist Guido van Helten.

As the example, the artist used a picture of one of the liquidators, made by a famous Ukrainian

photographer Igor Kostin, who stayed in Chernobyl during the disaster and documented events.