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30 March 2016
Is it safe to visit Chernobyl?

Is it safe to visit Chernobyl?

There are very dangerous highly radioactive locations in the Chernobyl exclusion zone. Nevertheless, our Chernobyl tours are absolutely safe and do not cause any radioactive harm to your health. The routes of our Pripyat tours and Chernobyl tours apply to the strictest directives of the Ukrainian Ministry of Civil Protection. The Chernobyl exclusion zone is a very highly guarded area and you can visit Chernobyl only with a special permission.

Many residents of Ukraine,Belarusand the European part of Russia are awared of that awful accident which happened on the Chernobyl NPP on April 26 in 1986 and strongly changed the radiation level in Chernobyl. It was the time when the contents of the block №4 of this nuclear power plant flew up in air. As the result of the explosion locals could see the bright column of a flame in the sky which consecrated the neighborhood. The city of Pripyat which was built for workers of the NPP got most of all. Furthermore, emissions of radioactive materials were several times higher, than after the explosion of an atomic bomb in Hiroshima.

So what is happening now at the station and in the neighborhood? Now the radiation level in Chernobyl makes 67 μR/h that is 37 μR/h higher than the norm. For example, in Kiev and in Moscow the level of gamma radiation averages 11-12 μR/h. A normal limit is the indicator of activity of a radiation background, equals 30 μR/h. At the moment according to locals the soil around a 30-kilometer exclusion zone is still infected with isotopes of plutonium, strontium-90 and caesium-237. But despite the increased radiation level some locals still live here. Their quantity makes about 500 people and the most part of them are old men, aboriginals. They say that radiation isn't seen and they don't suffer any deadly radiations. These courageous people grow up vegetables and part cattle.

There is an opinion that Chernobyl NPP must be closed. "Green" around the world demands to close the NPP. Perhaps, they are right? - In the 21st century there is no alternative to development of nuclear power because natural reserves of oil and coal are close to exhaustion. Besides, in the coal industry we lose people many times more every year (!), than has died in all Chernobyl. All of us breathe coal dust because of what there are diseases of cancer. Only imagine that during burning of one million tons of coal the huge amount of toxic agents - 20 thousand tons of dust, 25 thousand tons of oxide of sulfur, 6 thousand tons of nitrogen oxides and 2 thousand tons of carbon oxide is released into the atmosphere. And we breathe it! At the same time the NPP at development of the same quantity of the electric power develops only 30 tons of radioactive waste which reliably bury or subject to further processing without prejudice to human health.

Some enterprising inhabitants have been organizing excursions for several years for thrill-seekers across Pripyat and the Chernobyl NPP. The average price of such unusual Chernobyl tour and Pripyat tour is around 100 dollars per person. According to experts, despite the raised indicators of a radiation background the nature is slowly being restored after the received injuries.