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9 December 2012
Myths about Chernobyl

The Second Myth: "the peaceful atom" is the reason of the accident because it can't be
controlled; it will surely come outside and destroy everything around.

Reality: There are three lessons of the accident on the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station or three


The staff of atomic station violated all instructions and rules when carrying out the test
program. Such situation now is categorically impossible. Actions of staff are rigidly
regulated according to the international recognized approaches and documents from
each unit of all nuclear power plants are transferred in real time in great safety to a crisis
center of Energoatom concern. It provides full independent monitoring without staff.


Construction of the reactor of the nuclear power plant allowed accident deployment in
case of erratic behavior of staff. After 1986 the security systems of atomic stations in our
country and abroad were improved as much as possible to exclude a man’s factor.


The decision on transmission of atomic stations in the Ministry of Energy of the USSR
was erratic. All precepts of culture of safety in nuclear power were broken. The staff of
the Ministry of Energy consisted of people who were unprepared for maintenance of
nuclear power plants.