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14 December 2012
RAW is in the Focus of Attention

On December 10-14, 2012, the workshop is being held housed by Kiev Institute “EnergoProekt”.
The workshop is organized under IAEA Technical Cooperation Project “Support of
Decommissioning and Waste Management of ChNPP, INPP and A1 NPP”. SSE “Chernobyl
NPP” is the organizer of the event.

The experts of IAEA, Technicatome AREVA T (France), the representatives of Ignalina
NPP, Energy Institute of Lithuania, State Nuclear Energy Safety Inspectorate of Lithuania,
Slovakian company “VUJE a.s.”, the representatives of Lvov, Odessa and Kharkov State Inter-
Regional Special Industrial Complexes of the State Corporation “RADON”, Chernobyl NPP,
Chernobyl Radiological Center “ECOCENTER”, State Agency of Ukraine for Exclusion Zone
Management, SSTC for Nuclear and Radiation Safety, and State Nuclear Regulation Inspectorate
of Ukraine are participating in the workshop.

The objective of the workshop is to review prerequisites for improvement, planning and building
of radioactive waste management facilities to meet waste acceptance criteria for storage, disposal
and decommissioning of specific systems at ChNPP, INPP and A1 NPP.

In the framework of the workshop, there were presented reports on available and future facilities
for waste management at ChNPP, within Exclusion Zone and in Ukraine, and management of
radioactive waste generated at Ukrainian NPP sites. The experience of Lithuania and Slovakia in
RAW management was also presented.

Issues on synergies in operation, construction and licensing of waste management facilities,
understanding of waste characteristics as key prerequisite to select optimized technologies of
radioactive waste treatment, storage and disposal are in the focus of attention.

During the workshop, methods of determining waste characteristics to optimize designing of
waste management facilities are reviewed, and methods of determining waste characteristics
applied in Ukraine, Slovakia and Lithuania during different stages of RAW management are

On December 13, the workshop participants visited ChNPP site and got familiar with waste
processing facilities. The “Buryakovka” Waste Disposal Site, “Vektor” Complex, Chernobyl and
Pripyat scheduled for tour visiting became unavailable due to snow drifts.