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16 December 2012
The Sarcophagus Mounting was begun over the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station

A new sarcophagus mounting was begun in Chernobyl. East part of an arch which weighs more
than 5 thousand tons was lifted on 22 meters. In total there will be 3 rises. The new construction
shall superimpose the present object "Shelter" over the fourth reactor.

The thing is that "Shelter" was hasty constructed right after the accident in 1986. And today it
can break. The new shelter has a view of an arch construction. Its area is about four football
pitches, and height – 120 meters.

The construction is being prepared near the station. Then it will be put on an old sarcophagus.
The budget of an operation makes nearly a billion euro. A half of means was provided by the
donor countries of the Chernobyl fund "Shelter".