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8 December 2012
A Town Which Died at the Age of 16
Names of the cities aren't born accidentally. Historians, rummaging in old manuscripts, donot always get to the bottom of primitive sense of names. It is usually more simply with thecities which have been born recently. The city of Pripyat received the lyrical name on April 14,1972 and was put in 1970. The city was called after an ancient name of the river near which itwas born. It was treated as immemorial aspiration of a man to closeness with...
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8 December 2012
Films to watch: Review of the film "Threshold"
Documentary film "Threshold" The movie "Threshold" was filmed on1988 by director Rollan Sergiyenko. This moviepunched an "iron" curtain of concealment of consequences of Chernobyl catastrophe.Practically at once after being shown and a premiere in the union of cinematographers of theUSSR "Threshold" was arrested by representatives of the Interdepartmental commission.On January 5, 1989 specialists of the interested departments at meeting of the...
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8 December 2012
Films to watch: Review of the film Chernobyl. 3828
Chernobyl. 3828 "Chernobyl. 3828" is a new documentary film produced by Sergey Zabolotnyi. It wasfilmed at Telekon studio in 2011. The movie considers Chernobyl catastrophe through aprism of a personal life story. The story is carried on behalf of Valery Starodumov whowas the participant of radiological investigation during elimination. Together with otherparticipants of LPA he set a flag on a ventilating pipe of the 3rd power unit after the...
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8 December 2012
Films to watch: Review of the film State Chernobyl
State Chernobyl To live in the capital of this state is still disturbing. On a main square, near the localconcrete mausoleum the level of gamma radiation is 30 times higher than in Moscow. Sowhat is it the country with its nature, laws, and a way of life? It is not surprisingly thatalmost every man who lives on Earth knows about its existence for more than a quarter ofthe century. Film directors suggest making a small tour to this mysterious...
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7 December 2012
Films to watch: Review of the film Women of Chernobyl
Women of Chernobyl This documentary movie is filmed by the initiative of the Chairman of Presidium of theVerkhovna Rada of USSR Valentina Shevchenko (1985-1990) and with assistance of theCongress of business women of Ukraine. "This movie is the only beginning of a lot of workon perpetuating of a woman-mother, a woman-wife who assumes the heaviest load at alltimes, at the most difficult moments and situations. - told the Chairman of the...
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