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4 December 2012
More and more people are choosing Chernobyl City
More and more people are choosing Chernobyl City nowadays. Our company, which has been specialized on extreme tours to the Chernobyl exclusion zone for several years and has great experience in planning tours professionally and customer-friendly to one of the most unusual places in the world, is becoming more and more popular. The interest of the customers to this unique destination is growing every day.     ...
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3 December 2012
EUROCLASS has become an official partner of Chernobyl City
  EUROCLASS is the biggest transport company in Ukraine which provides a qualified transport support using the newest buses, microbuses and cars. We are glad to inform that EUROCLASS has become an official partner of Chernobyl City. We hope for the long-term, mutually advantageous work based on understanding of common interests.   www.euroclass.net.ua
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1 December 2012
Join us on FACEBOOK
Now our customers have an opportunity to join us on Facebook, a social utility that connectspeople with friends all over the world. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Chernobyl-City/441859092502889?ref=stream
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1 December 2012
”Shelter” is 26 years old
26 years have passed since the object" Shelter" was put into exploitation on November30th. On this day the Act of the State commission about acceptance of the block No. 4 of theChernobyl NPP on maintenance was signed. The aim was to prevent an output of radio nuclidesin environment and to reduce radiation influence on an industrial zone of the Chernobyl NuclearPower Station. Eighteen versions of projects of the future "Shelter" were developed...
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